Ashok Bhowmick

Ashok Bhowmick, a senior renowned artist from India is also known as a “Master of Cross-hatching”. Ashok is a multitalented individual and practicing artist since more than four decades. Apart from being an exceptionally good painter, he is also an experimental sculptor and a profound thinker and writer. Be it paper or canvas, small or large, Ashok fills the spaces with his unique cross hatching rendered with pen and ink. He creates the darker spaces with dense mesh of lines while lighter areas are achieved through controlled arrangements of lines. It is indeed a matter of utmost dedication that has made his paintings so exclusive that it has become his inimitable signature.

Book Written by Ashok Bhowmick

Shipra ek nadi ka nam hai

Ashok Bhowmick
  • Paperback Rs-90
  • Rs100
  • Hardbound Rs-140
  • Rs 200

Akal Ki Kala Aur Zainul Abedin

Ashok Bhowmick
  • Paperback Rs-120
  • Rs150
  • Hardbound Rs-195
  • Rs 250


Ashok Bhowmick
  • Paperback Rs-80
  • Rs90
  • Hardbound Rs-120
  • Rs 180